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About our products

Healing Naturally

There are so many benefits that come with absorbing magnesium transdermally - here are just a few!

Relief from muscle pain, cramps and spasms

Reduced swelling and increased joint flexibility

Reduced stress & anxiety

Improved sleep quality

Increased energy

Beach Yoga


We use only the highest quality salts, butters and oils when creating our plant-based products.

Natural, non toxic and 100% vegan

magnesium flakes.jfif

Magnesium chloride

Our magnesium chloride flakes are extracted from the ancient mineral deposits of the Dead Sea. Nothing else is added. This compound is well known for it's therapeutic and medicinal benefits.

arnica flower.jfif

Arnica flower

Aloe vera

coconut oil.jfif

Fractionated coconut oil

The perfect carrier oil - it absorbs easily and it's hydrating properties deeply nourish your skin.


Calendula flower

Sweet almond oil


Shea butter

Hemp seed oil

Green tea extract

cocoa butter.jfif

Cocoa butter

Menthol crystals


Essential oil of PEPPERMINT

Peppermint oil has a cooling, invigorating aroma and is a very effective muscle relaxant and natural painkiller. It is particularly useful in reducing inflammation, calming muscle cramps and easing tension headaches.

Essential oil of WINTERGREEN


With it's sweet minty aroma, wintergreen oil has both analgesic and anti inflammatory properties. It is used medicinally for arthritis, muscle cramps nerve pain and headaches. It promotes circulation and acts as a natural numbing agent. Using wintergreen oil during pregnancy is not recommended.


Essential oil of FRANKINCENSE

Frankincense has been used for thousands of years for it's therapeutic and healing properties such as lowering stress, anxiety and depression, supporting the immune system and decreasing pain and inflammation in joints.


Essential oil of

A mood lifting, stress reducing essential oil with anti inflammatory properties. It boosts the immune system and has a calming affect on the nervous system.


Essential oil of

Lavender is the most used essential oil in the world for a good reason! Used to treat headaches, stress, anxiety and depression. Improves mood and brain function, promotes sleep and healthy skin. It even has analgesic (pain relieving) and anti inflammatory properties. 

Using Face Oil
White Flowers
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